Updated Conference Information

2020 C19 Biennial Conference Registration Page

Virtual C19: "Dissent"

Oct. 16-18 and Oct. 23-25

All attendees must register for the conference and join or renew membership in the Society for the 2020-21 cycle.

You can pay for both now or pay for each separately prior to the conference.

If you are already a member of C19 please log in (don’t worry, you’ll see a link for reminders if you have forgotten your login information).

If you are just joining C19, or want to register for the conference before you purchase your first membership in the Society, click on Register here and provide the necessary credit card information.

2020 conference registration rates as of July 27, 2020:

Full-time Tenured faculty: $60
Full-time Pre-tenure faculty: $45
Graduate student / part-time and contingent faculty/postdoctoral fellows/independent scholars/emeriti, librarians and other professionals: $30 

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