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Nominations for the following positions will be accepted until April 17, 2018


Vice President:

  • the most important work of the Vice President is to prepare to become the next President of C19.  The President heads the Executive Committee, formally and informally represents C19, and oversees the ongoing work of C19 while looking ahead to the organization’s long-term possibilities.  Because C19 is a relatively young organization—though one with a fast-growing and enthusiastic membership—its upcoming VPs and presidents will necessarily play an especially formative role.  This is an exciting time to be a leader in C19.


Program Chair

  • The next Program Chair will oversee planning for the 2020 C19 conference.  The planning will include making decisions about the conference theme, the size of the conference, special features such as the seminars, and of course the selection of panels for the conference.  This is a big job but also an exciting one, since C19 attracts good scholars at all ranks and from a wide variety of fields and institutions.  The President and Vice-President are ex officio members of the Program Committee; the site coordinator is a member; and there are two other members appointed.  The C19 Members-at-Large also joined in the efforts this past time.


Membership Development Committee Chair

  • Assisted by two members who are appointed (proposed by the Membership Chair, then selected by the Executive Committee as a whole), the Membership Chair works to attract new members, fields inquiries from members, and oversees financial transactions with members. 


Communications Committee Chair

  • The Communications Committee Chair is in charge of managing C19’s presence on the web (the main website and the conference website, Facebook, Twitter) and managing and moderating its email list.  Assisted by two members who are appointed (proposed by the Communications Chair, then selected by the Executive Committee as a whole), the Communications Chair oversees publicity and educational materials for C19 (but not for J19, whose web presence and other communications are not part of this job). 


Members-at-Large of the Executive Committee

  • Two Members-at-Large serve on the Executive Committee, and in that capacity, they weigh in on any decisions and initiatives that the officers of C19 take up. 
  • Members-at-Large need good judgment, good intellectual reputations, and diplomacy, but the position is not as demanding as some of the other Executive Committee positions. Members-at-Large have the opportunity to contribute to the Executive Committee’s deliberations without signing on to a heavy workload.