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J19 is a semiannual publication dedicated to publishing articles and reviews on American culture and literature from the late eighteenth to the early twentieth centuries.

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Sarah Chinn
Hunter College,Professor of English

Brigitte Fielder
University of Wisconsin-Madison, Associate Professor of Comparative Literature and Folklore Studies 


Managing Editor

Natalie Baggett
Vanderbilt University

Editorial Advisory Board

Jesse Alemán
Professor of English, University of New Mexico

John Levi Barnard
Associate Professor, University of Illinois

Lauren Coats
Associate Professor, Louisiana State University

Elizabeth Duquette
Gettysburg College, Professor of English

Cristin Ellis
Assistant Professor of English, University of Mississippi

Jonathan Elmer
Professor of English, Indiana University

Bert Emerson
Associate Professor of English, Whitworth University

Ben Fagan
Associate Professor of English, Auburn University

Jennifer Greiman
Associate Professor of English, Wake Forest University

Paul Hurh
Associate Professor, University of Arizona

Julia Lee
Professor, Asian American Studies, UC Irvine

Stacey Margolis
Professor of English, University of Utah

Laura Mielke
Professor of English, University of Kansas

Nadia Nurhussein
Professor of English and Africana Studies, Johns Hopkins University

Eliza Richards
Professor, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Rafael Walker
Assistant Professor of English, Baruch College, CUNY

Katie Walkiewicz
Assistant Professor of Literature,UC San Diego

Elizabeth Young
Professor of English, Mount Holyoke College