Volume 3 (2015)
Semiannual (April, October)
ISSN: 2166-742X
E-ISSN: 2166-7438

J19: The Journal of Nineteenth-Century Americanists

J19 is the official publication of C19: The Society of Nineteenth-Century Americanists. Published twice annually, the journal is dedicated to publishing innovative research on and analysis of the "long nineteenth century" (1783-1914).

C19 News

This year we are initiating the C19 Circuit, short regional events and workshops focused on bringing together area students, teachers, and scholars to discuss topics related to nineteenth-century America. The first Circuit event will be a reading and discussion of a previously unknown nineteenth-century manuscript play written and performed by students at a military academy in Vermont in 1838—Philip, or the Indian Chief. We would be delighted to have you join the C19 Circuit at the Newberry Library, Chicago, noon to 3pm on Saturday, February 14, 2015. For more information: C19 Ciruit

C19: The Society of Nineteenth-Century Americanists

This is an important year for C19. Since its founding in 2009, two successful conferences have been hosted at Penn State (May 2010) and at UC Berkeley (April 2012). A third conference was hosted by University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, in March 2014. A fourth conference will be hosted by Penn State University. The C19 listserv was launched and continues to grow, serving as a lively forum for scholarly exchange. The community of C19 members has been the driving force behind the first phase of the organization's development.

C19 has launched its official journal, J19, coedited by Chris Castiglia and Dana Nelson and published twice annually by the University of Pennsylvania Press. J19 welcomes interdisciplinary work representing the most innovative research and analysis. The journal includes features such as "state of the field" polemics, reproductions of new and significant archival materials, roundtables, and special issues on topics of general interest to nineteenth-century Americanists.

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Membership Committee: 

  1. Jesse Aleman, University of New Mexico (chair)
  2. Robin Bernstein, Harvard University
  3. Xiomara Santamarina, University of Michigan


The editors invite essay submissions in all areas of American cultural studies from the late eighteenth to the early twentieth centuries. Manuscripts should not be under consideration elsewhere, and they should not identify the author except on an accompanying sheet that includes the title of the submission, the name of the author, and the author's regular-mail and email addresses.

All manuscripts must include a 100-200 word abstract and be submitted as a Word document. Manuscripts of no more than thirty-five double-spaced pages, including notes, will be peer-reviewed in a timely manner. We encourage submissions from all disciplines.

The Editors solicit Pleasure Reading submissions of brief (3,000-4,000 word) essays about a text—visual or artifact, literary or critical, old or new, material or virtual—that  brought you pleasure and that you believe will bring pleasure to others.  Submissions should focus on the content of the text as well as its significance for other readers, and should convey the terms of your enjoyment.  These are neither book reviews nor scholarly articles.  They are accounts of books, articles, images, objects that have influenced your writing, your thinking, or your living. The editors are seeking pieces that are thoughtful, inventive, enthusiastic and above all fun to read. They are not subject to the essay submission/review process but instead will be read by the editors.  The editors welcome queries about your ideas for possible submissions. (Here is a sample piece by Stacey Margolis, Univ. of Utah)

Submit manuscripts via email to: j19@pennpress.org


Book Reviews: J19 does not currently review books and does not accept unsolicited books for review. Unless the postage-paid packaging is included, books sent to the J19 editors for review cannot be returned and will be donated.

C19: The Society of Nineteenth-Century Americanists is the first academic organization dedicated to nineteenth-century American literary studies. "Prospects: A New Century," the second biennial conference of C19, took place at UC Berkeley in April 2012, continuing the work of rethinking and expanding the terms of our engagement with this period.

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